20 Critical Tips for Healthcare Leaders

Quick Summary

As a fervent believer in lifelong learning, Dan Nielsen is constantly seeking the best wisdom and insights from world class leaders and achievers. Through America’s Healthcare Leaders, Dan has had the opportunity to interview countless CEOs and senior executives in healthcare administration as well as healthcare supply chain. Through this process, he has identified key strategies that are essential for development—personally, professionally, and organizationally. In this presentation Dan shares these proven, actionable strategies, explaining why they are essential and illustrating each with examples and insights gleaned from exclusive interviews with healthcare leaders across America.   



Presentation Outline


Set Yourself Up for Success

  • Don’t limit your own potential – Mark West
  • Give your all to the job you have now – Chris Van Gorder
  • Strive for a healthy work-life balance – Mike Williams

Be a Life-Long Learner (Personal Development)

  • Never stop improving – Geoff Brenner
  • Listen to and learn from others – Tim Bugg
  • Choose good mentors – Joel Allison
  • Focus on the bigger picture – Mark Dixon
  • Learn from your failures – Glen Hall

Leverage Your Most Important Asset (Team & Organizational Culture)

  • Take care of your team – Michael Dowling
  • Learn to give up the ball – Brian Taylor
  • Recruit people smarter than you – Traci Bernard
  • Maintain strong partnerships – Maynard Oliverius
  • Never take your people for granted – Bob Simpson
  • Never publicly criticize – Mary Ellen Doyle

Be a Role Model (Core Values & Principles)

  • Stick to your values – Bruce Lawrence
  • Maintain integrity – Jim Wetrich
  • Sincerely care about the patient (customer, client, etc) – John Self
  • Maintain your personal credibility – Marc Reynolds
  • Be visible – Peter Fine
  • Support a worthy mission – Ben McKibbens


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