United States Presidential Libraries & Museums

An Inspirational Tour Through American History


Quick Summary 

Dan Nielsen is the author of the book, Presidential Leadership: Learning from United States Presidential Libraries & Museums, and is one of the very few people in the world to have visited, studied, and extensively photographed every United States Presidential Library and Museum in America. With this presentation, Nielsen guides participants on an extended inspirational virtual tour through each of these storehouses of American history. Using a selection of photographs from his personal collection, he takes participants on a descriptive, visual journey across America, sharing his knowledge and passion for these unique institutions. This fun, uplifting, and memorable presentation is guaranteed to intrigue participants and kindle curiosity and interest in these fascinating historical places.

Presentation Outline


  • Nielsen begins by explaining a little bit about his background and how he came to discover the national treasures that are the United States Presidential Libraries and Museums.
  • He then briefly describes the history and significance of the presidential libraries and museums and the role they play in America today.

Visual Tour

  • Using a selection of his personal photographs, Nielsen takes participants on a visual journey across America and through the 14 presidential libraries and museums throughout the nation. Along the way he narrates the tour with brief stories about the presidents and his own recollections from visiting and studying each of these unique institutions that preserve the presidential legacies.
  • The journey starts in Hyde Park, New York with the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library & Museum, then continues through Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, California, Texas, Arkansas, and Georgia, before ending in Boston, Massachusetts with the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum.


  • Nielsen reemphasizes the incredible value of these unique institutions and what we can learn from them, and encourages participants to make plans to visit and experience as many of the presidential libraries and museums as possible.
  • Time permitting, he concludes by engaging the audience in a fun and interesting Q&A.


Target Audience

Individuals and organizations who value history, and/or are specifically interested in the U.S. Presidents and the unique institutions that preserve their legacies.

This presentation is ideal for any group, organization, or association that is looking to add a refreshing break from the ordinary to their meeting program. Completely nonpartisan, this unique presentation is entertaining, uplifting and inspiring.


Possible Formats

This presentation, which requires a projector and screen, works best in a 45-60 minute time slot, but can be customized to meet your group’s needs.


Intended Outcomes

  • Participants will walk away with a new understanding and better appreciation for what the United States Presidential Libraries & Museums are and what can be learned from them.
  • Participants will have seen every presidential library and museum in America, viewed through the window of selected photographs from my personal collection.
  • Participants will be inspired to visit one or more of these invaluable storehouses of American history for themselves. 
  • Participants will be entertained and uplifted, having enjoyed a unique break from the ordinary.


Topic Authority

  • Dan Nielsen is the author of the book Presidential Leadership: Learning from United States Presidential Libraries & Museums.
  • He is one of very few people in the world who has had the privilege of visiting, studying, and extensively photographing every United States Presidential Library and Museum in America. He has visited each library and museum at least three times, usually spending two or more days touring, studying, and photographing during each visit.
  • Nielsen has always been intrigued by American history and fervently believes in learning from those who’ve gone before. In his lifelong journey of learning, he’s had the opportunity to travel extensively across America and to carefully study the lessons of history.
  • Nielsen firmly believes that everyone should value and learn from history. He knows that priceless lessons can be learned from history and historical leaders if we simply take the time to study and leverage what we learn.


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