Mark Solazzo on Getting to Where He Is Now

In today’s featured segments, Mark Solazzo, EVP & COO at Northwell Health, discusses how he first started in Healthcare Administration and a few of the things he has done in his career to prepare for a senior leadership role. In the first segment, Solazzo briefly discusses how his initial plan was to attend med school […]

14 Tips for a Well-Crafted Résumé

Executive recruiter and career transition coach John Self has interviewed hundreds of senior-level job seekers over the years, reviewing their résumés, offering tips, and helping them find and land the right position. Having sat across the desk from hundreds of interviewees, their résumé in his hand, Mr. Self has developed a keen eye for the attributes […]

Critical Tips for a Healthcare Job Interview

This week we’re featuring selected segments from an interview with executive search consultant John G. Self. Mr. Self has decades of experience from which he draws to offer sage advice to healthcare leaders seeking new opportunities and positions within the industry. To start off today’s segments, Mr. Self offers and expands on 4 great pieces of […]

Be An Inspirational Leader: A Call to Action

Today we are concluding our look at the interview with America’s Healthcare Leaders founder & CEO Dan Nielsen regarding his latest book, Be An Inspirational Leader: Engage, Inspire, Empower. In these last three selected segments from the interview, Nielsen shares some ways leaders can take action to become better, more effective inspirational leaders. In the […]

What it Means to Be an Inspirational Leader

Today we are pleased to continue featuring a few selected segments from an interview with author, speaker, and AHL founder & CEO Dan Nielsen. Today Nielsen shares some context for the term “inspirational leader,” explaining what he believes it means to be an inspirational leader and why it is so important. In the first segment Nielsen […]

An Interview with Dan Nielsen

Today we are pleased to feature selected segments from an interview with America’s Healthcare Leaders founder and CEO, Dan Nielsen. Nielsen is usually the one conducting the interviews we feature on AHL, but this time he’s the one in the hot seat! We welcome instead to the interviewer’s chair guest Emily Sirkel, Nielsen’s coauthor and […]

Dan Ford on Patient Safety: If the Cubs Can Win, So Can We!

In today’s featured video, patient safety advocate Dan Ford shares one more “ah ha” moment as Dan Nielsen, Founder and CEO of America’s Healthcare Leaders, thanks him for sharing his passion with us in this interview, which has been featured over the past several weeks. Dan Nielsen begins this segment by giving his sincere thanks […]

Dan Ford: Lessons Learned from Medical Errors and Personal Tragedy

In today’s featured segments, patient safety advocate Dan Ford talks about the lessons he’s learned from his experience with medical errors that resulted in personal tragedy. In the first segment AHL founder and CEO Dan Nielsen praises Ford’s commitment to turn his experience with tragic medical errors into positive change in the healthcare industry. Ford credits the […]

Featured Leader: Dan Ford, Patient Safety Advocate

Today we are pleased to begin featuring Dan Ford, who is a Patient Safety advocate. In today’s videos, Ford shares a little about his history and his personal life-changing experience that has led him to the important role of patient safety advocate.   In the first segment featured today we highlight the journey of Dan Ford’s […]

A Career to Love: 3 Healthcare Leaders Reflect on Their Careers

If you could have any position in the world, what would it be? How many of you are content in your current position? In today’s segments, three healthcare leaders answer this question and briefly reflect on their careers thus far. In the first segment, hospital president Traci Bernard reflects on her work experiences, both positive […]

Leaders Are People Too: A Look at the Lighter Side of 2 Leaders

While many senior leaders deal with demanding work schedules, they also try to attain healthy work-life balance. In today’s segments, we hear from Geoff Brenner and Marc Reynolds on what they enjoy doing outside of their careers. In the first segment Geoff Brenner, president of TPC, talks about the importance his family plays in his life and […]

Leadership Advice from 2 Successful Healthcare Executives

In today’s segments, two leaders from different organizations give valuable advice to aspiring healthcare leaders. Mentorship is a valuable tool, and we encourage you to heed the advice of these two successful leaders! In the first segment featured today, Mary Ellen Doyle, Corporate VP of Nursing Operations at Scripps Health, shares and expounds on 6 simple but powerful pieces […]

3 Resource Recommendations for CLOs

Carlos Arce, former Chief Learning Officer at Billings Clinic, offers three resource recommendations for Chief Learning Officers and anyone seeking to be more successful within their organizations. We have the benefit of access: access to information, knowledge, individuals, and a vast amount of resources. This access can be a valuable tool—but only if used! In the segment […]

Leaders: Celebrate Your Team’s Achievements

In today’s segments, two healthcare executives discuss the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the successes of your team.  Truly great leaders understand the importance of teamwork and understand the benefits of an effective team for your organization. Geoff Brenner, president and CEO of TPC, and Tony Bohn, Chief HR Officer at Norton Healthcare, each take time […]

Scripps Health’s Mary Ellen Doyle on the Importance of Benchmarking

Today we revisit the interview with Mary Ellen Doyle, Corporate Vice President of Nursing Operations at Scripps Health in San Diego, California. The featured segment begins with AHL founder & CEO Dan Nielsen highlighting the danger of being too insular within the healthcare sector and neglecting to learn from other industries and fields. Doyle echos those observations, and notes that early […]