Leaders Are People Too: A Look at the Lighter Side of 2 Leaders

While many senior leaders deal with demanding work schedules, they also try to attain healthy work-life balance. In today’s segments, we hear from Geoff Brenner and Marc Reynolds on what they enjoy doing outside of their careers. In the first segment Geoff Brenner, president of TPC, talks about the importance his family plays in his life and […]

Leaders: Celebrate Your Team’s Achievements

In today’s segments, two healthcare executives discuss the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the successes of your team.  Truly great leaders understand the importance of teamwork and understand the benefits of an effective team for your organization. Geoff Brenner, president and CEO of TPC, and Tony Bohn, Chief HR Officer at Norton Healthcare, each take time […]

Geoff Brenner & Eric Barber on Staying Inspired

Inspiration can come from many places. In today’s segments, two leaders discuss what inspires them and keeps them moving forward. Whether it’s your family back home or the mission under which you labor at work, inspiration leads to transformation. In the first segment AHL founder and CEO Dan Nielsen asks, “How do you ‘fill the well?’ How […]

Healthcare Leaders on Habits for Success

We are all slaves to our habits. Our habits determine where we spend our time and ultimately determine our ability to achieve our goals. In today’s interview segments, healthcare leaders Mary Ellen Doyle & Geoff Brenner discuss the habits they find most critical to their success. The first segment features Mary Ellen Doyle, Corporate Vice President […]

Healthcare Leaders on Passion for Your Job

While passion for what you do isn’t necessary, it does make it easier. In today’s video segments two leaders give advice on how passion for what you do makes everything so much easier. Passion can help drive you and make your workload seem easier because you truly love what you do.   In the first […]

The Importance of a Solid Foundation

Great leaders understand the importance of having a solid foundation and how this daily influences their ability to lead well and truly impact those around them. In today’s segments we hear from two leaders on this subject: Mary Ellen Doyle, Corporate VP of Nursing Operations at Scripps Health, and Geoff Brenner, president and CEO of TPC.   […]

Attributes of a Servant Leader

Servant leadership has been discussed quite a bit in recent years, but what does it really mean to be a servant leader? Is servant leadership an effective leadership style, and how does being a servant leader impact your team? In today’s segments, Geoff Brenner and Mary Ellen Doyle discuss attributes of this leadership style and how […]

America’s Healthcare Leaders founder & CEO Dan Nielsen sits down with Geoff Brenner, president & CEO at TPC, for an in-depth, one-on-one interview [conducted and filmed in July 2015]. 

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Geoff Brenner on What He’s Been Learning and What’s Next

Today we feature the final two segments from the excellent interview with TPC president and CEO, Geoff Brenner. Every individual is different and Geoff openly discusses how differences in personality affect daily interactions. When asked what are the most important things he has learned this year, Geoff discussed how he has become more aware of his style […]

Geoff Brenner on the Type of People Who Inspire Him

In today’s featured segment, Geoff Brenner, president and CEO of TPC, describes the trait he finds most inspirational in people.  While brilliant, motivated, intelligent, and exceptional people all have great qualities, there is one specific quality he looks for in addition to these. When asked what truly inspires him, Geoff Brenner answered “selflessness”. “I think selflessness is […]

Geoff Brenner’s Advice for Aspiring Leaders

Today’s segment features Geoff Brenner, president and CEO of TPC. This segment is particularly geared to aspiring leaders in the healthcare industry. In the interview, AHL founder and CEO Dan Nielsen asks, “what are some things you would share that are really important, in your opinion, to those truly in pursuit of being one of […]

Geoff Brenner on His Hobbies and Bucket List

Like most senior healthcare executives, Geoff Brenner, president and CEO of TPC has a busy work schedule that demands much of his time. Nonetheless, he is committed to maintaining a healthy work-life balance and in today’s featured segments discusses the hobbies he has and the bucket list he is committed to fulfilling. He begins by discussing the importance his family plays […]

Geoff Brenner on the habits to which He most Attributes His Success

In today’s featured interview segment TPC president & CEO Geoff Brenner discusses the habits that have lead to his success. One of the most important habits he has developed over the last 10-15 years is to ensure an early start to get ahead of the day. “I found that, for me, I spend a ton […]

Geoff Brenner on His Team and Organizational Culture

In today’s featured interview segments, Geoff Brenner, president and CEO of TPC, discusses his team and organizational culture. He understands the importance organizational culture plays in the success of any industry and actively embraces it when recruiting new employees. In the first segment, Geoff Brenner answers what he is most proud of concerning his team. His […]

Geoff Brenner on Leadership

In today’s featured interview segments TPC president & CEO Geoff Brenner shares his personal leadership philosophy, and also reflects on the importance of leading by example and living out core values. Brenner begins by noting that his leadership philosophy is still very much a work in process. After a moment of reflection, he explains, “I think […]