Featured Leader: Tim Bugg

Tim Bugg, president and CEO of Capstone Health Alliance, has come a long way in his career—without having to go a long way from home. Headquartered in Bugg’s very own hometown of Asheville, North Carolina, the newly formed subsidiary of WNC Health Network is a regional GPO currently serving more than a dozen states and representing over 150 […]

Tim Bugg on Capstone Health Alliance

Capstone Health Alliance, a regional purchasing organization based in North Carolina, was formed in October 2013 as a subsidiary corporation of the WNC Health Network. Current Capstone president and CEO Tim Bugg and senior vice president Mark Landau founded the original program in 2000, and have seen it grow tremendously. The program started out serving […]

Tim Bugg on Leadership

Tim Bugg, the president and CEO of Capstone Health Alliance, loves his job and his team. And with two decades of leadership experience under his belt, he has learned a thing or two about being a leader. During an hour-long, in-depth interview, Bugg shared about the six values that have most positively impacted his life […]