Be An Inspirational Leader

Inspirational leadership truly influences the people it touches—without coercion or false pretenses. AHL founder and CEO Dan Nielsen writes about this in his newly released book, Be An Inspirational Leader: Engage, Inspire, Empower. As he explains in the book, inspirational leadership is the most effective way to lead any organization. Today we look at two interview segments that touch on what […]

Mike Williams: Tips for Public Speaking

In today’s featured interview segment, Mike Williams, president and CEO of Community Hospital Corporation, shares about his habits and strategies during public speaking engagements. Mike Williams is an experienced and very talented public speaker. Here are a few of the tips Williams discusses in today’s segment: Speak from your base of expertise and your heart. Speak anecdotally and tell […]

Chris Van Gorder & Mike Williams: Tips for Career Advancement

Today’s segments feature clips from the exclusive interviews with Chris Van Gorder, president & CEO of Scripps Health in San Diego, CA, and Mike Williams, president & CEO of Community Hospital Corporation in Plano, TX. In both of these interviews, each of these leaders give a few tips for career advancement. In the first segment, Chris Van […]

The Importance of Mentorship and Advice to Graduates

In today’s segments we revisit a very important topic by Mike Williams: mentorship. The influence of mentors has been discussed by many of the leaders featured on America’s Healthcare Leaders and this platform is meant to be a form of mentorship connecting those who wish to pursue a higher career to those who have already […]

Company Values and Their Impact on Hiring

During each interview we have had the pleasure of conducting and featuring on AHL, the topic of company values comes up a lot—especially in terms of the impact they have on hiring. When the values are inconsistent between the company and the employee other issues arise, and both the company and the employee suffer. The segments featured […]

Leadership Advice from 3 Highly Successful Leaders

Whether you are a young aspiring leader or have been in a leadership role for decades, you can always learn from the wisdom and perspectives of highly successful leaders. Today we are featuring some great advice from 3 such leaders: Chris Van Gorder, Mike Williams, and Traci Bernard. In the first segment, Chris Van Gorder, […]

Senior Leaders on the Importance of Work-Life Balance

Another summer of vacations and family fun is coming to a close. While traditionally the end of summer might be when a lot of people really buckle down and focus more on work, the truth is that a healthy work-life balance should be a priority year round. Today we are revisiting a couple excellent segments […]

America’s Healthcare Leaders founder & CEO Dan Nielsen sits down with Community Hospital Corporation (CHC) president & CEO Mike Williams for an in-depth, hour-long interview [conducted and filmed in May 2015]. Prefer to watch selected segments from the interview? Click here to browse through the segments.

VIDEO: Mike Williams on His Professional Aspirations

In today’s interview segment CHC president & CEO Mike Williams talks about his dream position and what makes it great. “To have the opportunity to be surrounded by competent people achieving a mission of service around the country, to be well-compensated for it, to have a board of directors that supports all that we do–what more could an individual want?” Click to watch this brief video.

VIDEO: Work Ethic & Motivations for Success

In today’s interview segment Mike Williams, president & CEO of Community Hospital Corporation, talks about the strong work ethic instilled by his parents and what he thinks would make them proud. “I think they would be proud, not of the success of their children, but of the fact that their children worked very hard to get educated to make a contribution and be able to give something back.” Click to watch!

VIDEO: Mike Williams on Faith and What Inspires Him

In today’s interview segment Mike Williams very briefly talks about what truly inspires him, and about the varied role of faith among the many people in his organization. He explains that he has his own beliefs, but absolutely respects the individual beliefs of everyone in his organization. “I’m inspired by serving others… for me personally, I think that mentality of servanthood that was modeled by Jesus Christ is what inspires me to be a better servant.” Click to watch the brief video.

VIDEO: Mike Williams on Work-Life Balance & Defining Success at Home

In today’s interview segment, Mike Williams, president & CEO of Community Hospital Corporation, thoughtfully reflects on how his definition of success at home has changed over the years. He explains that as a young healthcare leader he was driven toward external success in the industry, but that drive has shifted over the years. “The definition that I have for success at home at age 62 is very different than the definition I had when I was first married at age 30.” Click to watch the brief video.