Proactively Build Your Network

The job market has expanded and with this expansion comes the need for increased networking across both your own industry and others. Your network, whether it be a rolodex sitting on your desk, a filo-fax full of numbers or an array of Linkedin connections can help you when seeking new opportunities or just trying to […]

America’s Healthcare Leaders founder & CEO Dan Nielsen sits down with John Self, founder & CEO of JohnGSelf Partners executive search firm, for an in-depth, hour-long interview [conducted and filmed in October 2015]. Prefer to watch selected segments from the interview? Click here to browse through the segments.

John Self: Perspectives on Quality Care

In the final two segments from the interview with John Self, we look at the critical importance of improving quality and safety in patient care, and how every healthcare leader—no matter their position—should be concerned with improvements in those areas. Self begins by pointing out what he calls a very serious problem in quality care and […]

John Self on Leadership

With nearly 40 years in the industry, John Self has learned a thing or two about healthcare. In today’s featured interview segments he shares some of his perspectives and insights into healthcare leadership. Self starts out by stating, “I think one of the real key things about healthcare is to have leaders who are authentic and to have leaders […]

John Self on the Rewards of a Long Career and Giving Back

This week we return to the interview with executive recruiter John Self, who is the founder and president of JohnGSelf Partners, an executive search firm specializing in the healthcare sector. In today’s featured interview segments, Self reflects on his long and varied healthcare background, and also talks about the rewards of giving back. John Self has […]

Handling a Job Transition

Job transitions are inevitably stressful events for anyone—especially when unanticipated. During a recent in-depth interview, AHL founder and CEO Dan Nielsen asked executive recruiter and career transition coach John Self to comment on how healthcare leaders should go about preparing for and handling job transitions. “It really begins before you even have a concern about [losing your […]

John Self: 14 Tips for a Well-Crafted Résumé

Executive recruiter and career transition coach John Self has interviewed hundreds of senior-level job seekers over the years, reviewing their résumés, offering tips, and helping them find and land the right position. Having sat across the desk from hundreds of interviewees, their résumé in his hand, Self has developed a keen eye for the attributes of […]

Recruiter John Self Offers Advice for Leaders Seeking New Opportunities

This week we return to segments from the recent AHL interview with executive search consultant John G. Self. Mr. Self has decades of experience from which he draws to offer sage advice to healthcare leaders seeking new opportunities and positions within the industry. To start off today’s segments, Mr. Self offers and expands on 4 […]

VIDEO: John Self – from Investigative Reporter to Executive Recruiter

In today’s video segment, executive search consultant John Self talks briefly about his background in reporting and how that has proven useful as a recruiter. When AHL founder and CEO Dan Nielsen noted that Self’s experience as an investigative reporter probably comes in handy, Self responded, “Well I think it helps me in terms of […]

VIDEO: John Self on the Evolution of Executive Recruiting

In today’s video segment, executive search consultant John Self discusses the executive search process, how it has evolved, what has changed, and what needs to change going forward. In response to the question, “How has the search process evolved over time?” Mr Self answers, “Wow. Significantly, and not much at all. Significantly in the sense that technology […]

VIDEO: Executive Recruiter John Self on the Advantages of Working with a Recruiter

This week we are pleased to feature segments from our interview with John G. Self, who has been in the executive search business for more than 20 years. Mr. Self is the founder and president of JohnGSelf + Partners, Inc., an executive search firm providing executive-level and leadership acquisition solutions exclusively to the healthcare industry. To learn […]

VIDEO: John G. Self, Executive Recruiter, Shares 5 Keys to Career Success

Today’s video features the highly-successful executive recruiter John G. Self, who offers 5 keys to a successful career in healthcare leadership: 1) Demonstrate core values, 2) Care about the patient, 3) Engage your employees, 4) Be a great communicator, and 5) Be cutting edge. Click to watch this excellent 5-minute interview segment!