Featured Leader: Bob Simpson

Bob Simpson has been the president and CEO of LeeSar and the Cooperative Services of Florida since 2002, and he loves what he does. Simpson’s long and diverse background in the healthcare industry started back in 1965 when he joined the United States Army. Serving two tours in Vietnam and one tour in Korea, Simpson […]

Bob Simpson on the Importance of Company Culture & Networking

“Well, culture takes care of the problems.” This was Bob Simpson’s response during an in-depth interview when questioned about why his organization’s highest priorities are culture-based, not problem-based. As president and CEO of LeeSar and Cooperative Services of Florida, Simpson sees firsthand every day how important company culture is to the ongoing success of the […]

Bob Simpson on the Mission & Priorities of LeeSar

Together LeeSar and its sister entity, Cooperative Services of Florida (CSF), form a supply chain management organization established in 1998 by LeeMemorial Health System and Sarasota Memorial Health Care System. LeeSar serves as the regional service center, and CSF serves as a buying cooperative for the owners. President and CEO Bob Simpson has been with […]