Mark Dixon: Final Comments and Contact Info

Today we conclude our segments featuring Mark Dixon, president of The Mark Dixon Group, LLC. In today’s final two segments Mark Dixon talks a little about the most important thing in his life: his family. In addition to this, be sure to watch the second video if you are interested in contacting Mark Dixon with any questions […]

Tips for Learning and Networking from Mark Dixon

This week we are pleased to continue featuring segments from the AHL exclusive interview with Mark Dixon, president of The Mark Dixon Group, LLC. Up-and-comers have a marvelous benefit with almost unlimited access to scores of valuable insight and tips from the nations top healthcare leaders. Use these benefits to grow and develop into your fullest potential. […]

Mark Dixon on Taking Care of Your Team

Today we continue featuring segments from the interview with Mark Dixon. The healthcare industry as a whole is facing some of the biggest challenges they have ever seen, especially concerning finances. Organizations across the nation are trying to do more with less, but taking good care of your team isn’t something that can be neglected. In […]

Mark Dixon: Advice for Leaders

As we continue the interview with Mark Dixon, president of The Mark Dixon Group, LLC, he offers advice to healthcare leaders. He addresses two topics in today’s segments that will help leaders make better decisions for their organizations and improve their relationships. In the first video segment, Dixon discusses the importance of keeping a big picture mindset and brings […]

Mark Dixon: “Patients are the Reason We Exist”

This week we continue the interview with Mark Dixon, president of The Mark Dixon Group, LLC. Dan Nielsen begins the interview by asking about 13 critical points that Dixon had previously shared that have been used to guide his career. Dixon discusses the first two points in today’s segments. In the first video segment, Dixon discusses the first point: “Patients […]

Mark Dixon on Collaboration

Today’s featured video segment continues the interview with Mark Dixon, president of The Mark Dixon Group, LLC. Thanks to his extensive experience in the healthcare industry, Dixon is able to share critical insights with healthcare leaders, and in today’s segment he discusses collaboration—a very important topic in the industry today. At the beginning of the interview, AHL […]

Mark Dixon: The Unique Value He Brings Clients

In today’s featured segments, AHL founder & CEO Dan Nielsen asks Mark Dixon to describe the unique value he brings to his clients as a healthcare consultant. Thanks to his many years in the C-Suite of healthcare provider organizations, Dixon is able to offer very useful insights and perspectives to those he serves. In the first segment, Dixon describes […]

Featured Leader: Mark Dixon

This week we will begin featuring segments from an interview with Mark Dixon, president of The Mark Dixon Group, LLC. Dixon has gained incredible wisdom and insights into the healthcare industry during his long and very successful career, which has spanned three decades and included leading three large health systems. In today’s interview segment, Dixon looks back on his […]

When Mark Dixon Speaks, I Listen

My friend Mark Dixon, president & CEO of The Mark Dixon Group, LLC, shared with me an excellent leadership suggestion and perspective. Mark is a former hospital CEO and has led a very successful leadership career in hospital, health system, and healthcare consulting. To put it succinctly, when Mark Dixon speaks, I listen! Among Mark’s excellent advice […]

Strategies for Long-Term Success – a Leader Perspective from Mark Dixon

We asked Mark Dixon, a senior healthcare executive with over 30 years of leadership experience, for his perspective on what the most important strategies are for long-term success as a healthcare leader—personally, professionally, and organizationally. Dixon, a former hospital CEO and current president of The Mark Dixon Group, LLC, graciously offered his perspectives and advice. Click to read!

Featured Leader: Mark Dixon

I had the privilege of spending a fascinating hour interviewing Mark Dixon, president of the Mark Dixon Group, LLC, who has enjoyed nearly four decades as a senior healthcare leader in organizations including Allina Health System, Community Health Network of Indianapolis, and Fairview Health Services. During our interview, Dixon shared some of his experiences as […]

The Values of a Successful Leader – Insights from Mark Dixon

The standards we hold ourselves to in our personal lives most certainly bleed over into our professional lives, and vice versa. With that in mind, I asked senior healthcare leader Mark Dixon what his personal mission is in life; after giving it some thought, Dixon responded, “I wasn’t sure I had a personal mission, but […]