America’s Healthcare Leaders (AHL) is an online platform and resource for healthcare leaders seeking to improve their leadership and advance in their careers. We offer exclusive access to in-depth interviews with many of the most respected and successful healthcare executives in America, with a focus on strategies, results, and lessons learned. We publish these interviews via video, along with other valuable content such as leader perspective articles, resource recommendations, and more. To learn more about AHL and what we offer, please visit our Start Here page.


Our Vision

We envision significant, measurable improvement in the performance and success of healthcare leaders who truly commit to maximize the vast reservoir of knowledge, expertise, and wisdom available at their fingertips.


Our Mission

We strive to significantly improve the performance and increase the success of America’s healthcare leaders and the organizations they serve. We do this by providing a simple but dynamic online platform where healthcare leaders throughout America can discover and leverage the strategies, results, and lessons learned of highly successful, senior healthcare executives.


Our Values

As an organization and as individuals we are committed to:

  • Leadership Excellence. “Leadership excellence is the ultimate strategy for success!”
  • Collaboration. Sharing and learning from one another is key to achieving our full potential.
  • Personal Accountability. “If it’s to be, it’s up to me!”
  • Quality & Results. Strive for excellence in all that we do, say, and offer.


Our History

AHL founder, CEO, and publisher Dan Nielsen has spent more than 40 years in healthcare leadership. After 15 years as a hospital CEO, Dan joined the leadership of VHA (now Vizient), where he served as the vice president of Education & Networking for close to 15 more years. During his tenure there Dan was responsible for launching and leading the VHA affinity groups, which rapidly grew to become a major component of the organization’s national education and networking strategies. During those years, Dan’s area of responsibility within VHA was consistently ranked at the top of the company in both customer and employee satisfaction.

Dan retired from VHA in 2003 and enjoyed several months of travel and relaxation, but soon grew bored with all that free time. Still passionate about healthcare in America, and particularly healthcare leadership, he chose to launch his own healthcare business, the National Institute for Healthcare Leadership (NIHCL) in 2004. Under the leadership of Dan and his colleague Harla Adams, over the past decade NIHCL has become an excellent education and networking resource that focuses on national learning networks for healthcare executives throughout America.

The success of NIHCL and the rapidly growing popularity of online education and networking encouraged Dan to go one step further in helping healthcare leaders throughout America reach their potential and achieve their highest priorities and goals. In 2011 he launched an early version of the America’s Healthcare Leaders online platform, designed to feature strategies and perspectives from some of America’s most successful senior healthcare executives, gleaned through exclusive one-on-one interviews.

Since 2011 AHL has grown to become an online community where members can share, find, and implement the best and most appropriate solutions available to them and their organizations. Still featuring content from exclusive interviews with some of America’s most successful senior healthcare executives, AHL has grown to offer a dynamic array of content and resources, including video interviews, articles, more. To learn more about what you will find here at AHL, please visit our Start Here page.


AHL Founder, CEO, & Publisher

A Lifetime Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (LFACHE), over the course of his career Dan Nielsen has served as a hospital CEO, a senior leader and innovator of national healthcare education and networking programs, and a faculty member at four universities. Dan has launched several successful businesses, published a book on leadership, and is an experienced and talented keynote speaker and meeting facilitator. To see Dan’s full bio, please click here.