A career in healthcare leadership can be very fulfilling. It can also be very challenging.

Leadership has never been easy, and healthcare leadership has it’s very own unique challenges. With the ever-changing landscape of healthcare in America, healthcare leaders must stay on their toes—remaining flexible, open to change, and committed to seeking out and implementing industry best-practices.

Maintaining the status quo is hard enough. Improving and advancing is even harder.

We’re here to help.

Here at America’s Healthcare Leaders (AHL) you will find help as you progress in your career. The role of AHL is to serve as a resource for your professional development and leadership growth. We offer insights directly from senior healthcare executives with decades of hands-on-experience.

As your resource for professional development and leadership growth, AHL is where you can turn to find the help you need. Every month we provide unique insights from seasoned healthcare executives, in the form of exclusive video interviews. Our team—led by founder and CEO Dan Nielsen—seeks out and interviews hospital and health system CEOs, presidents, VPs, and other executives to discuss real-life challenges and the solutions they’ve tried. From current events and challenges in the industry to personal work philosophies to tips for career advancement, you will hear strategies, results, and lessons learned—directly from America’s top healthcare executives.

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