Dan Ford: Lessons Learned from Medical Errors and Personal Tragedy

In today’s featured segments, patient safety advocate Dan Ford talks about the lessons he’s learned from his experience with medical errors that resulted in personal tragedy.

In the first segment AHL founder and CEO Dan Nielsen praises Ford’s commitment to turn his experience with tragic medical errors into positive change in the healthcare industry. Ford credits the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM) with pointing him in the right direction and getting him started on this path to patient advocacy, noting how they told him “Dan, this is what you ought to be doing, to help the industry, because we’ve really got to deal with this.”

In the second segment, Ford talks about the importance and power of forgiveness, and how even though he has forgiven those who directly or indirectly caused pain to his family through both the medical errors and handling of those errors, he continues to push for change in the industry. He explains,

“I’ve realized that one’s willingness and ability to forgive is pretty darn important. But it doesn’t mean it changes your feelings about what happened, doesn’t mean that you don’t want to cause behavior change.”

What Ford has to say may be hard for some to hear, but it is important. Please watch these two segments from the interview by clicking below.