VIDEO: October Resource Recommendation from AHL founder Dan Nielsen

In this month’s  resource recommendation video, AHL founder and CEO Dan Nielsen describes and recommends an excellent episode from the Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast. This episode features a fascinating conversation with a highly successful leader we all can learn from—regardless of industry, organization, or position.


A few highlights from the podcast:

  1. How to effectively communicate your vision throughout your organization
  2. Why your vision needs to be simple, portable, and repeatable
  3. How to achieve your most important and highest-impact priorities
  4. Why celebration is a major factor in your organization’s success
  5. Why “quality” times “acceptance” equals “effectiveness” (QxA=E)
  6. The importance of “aggressive listening”

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Vision: A Conversation with Frank Blake – Part 1


*Note: Home Depot currently employs approximately 350,000 associates (Dan mispoke and said 35,000 in the video)