Featured Leader: Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor started his career in healthcare more than four decades ago, working as a sales rep for Welch Allyn. He later became a regional manager with the same company, and then in 1983 he started an independent rep firm, selling products through distributors throughout the southeast. In 1993 Taylor and his partner, Chris Kelly, […]

Brian Taylor on MDSI & Repertoire Magazine

Brian Taylor was one of the founding partners of Medical Distribution Solutions, Inc. (MDSI) more than two decades ago. Today, he looks back with pride on how far the organization has come, all the while remaining true to its original mission and focus. “If everything we do is aimed at helping suppliers gain market share, […]

Brian Taylor on the History of Repertoire Magazine

Medical Distribution Solutions, Inc. (MDSI) was formed in 1993 by Brian Taylor and his partner Chris Kelly with the creation of Repertoire Magazine. Prior to starting MDSI, Taylor and Kelly were independent manufacturer reps based in Atlanta, Georgia. The precursor to Repertoire Magazine was a faxed newsletter sent out to their dealer reps. The idea started when colleague and […]