Featured Leader: Peter Fine

Banner Health was in need of a strong, energetic, visionary leader when Peter Fine arrived on scene in November 2000 as the new president and CEO. In the years since, Fine has very effectively led Banner Health’s transformation into a nationally recognized clinical-quality powerhouse. This Phoenix-based health system is now one of the largest nonprofit, […]

The Fascinating Journey of Banner Health

Peter Fine acknowledges with understandable and appropriate pride that Banner Health has come a long way since he first came on board. Fine has been serving as president and CEO since he was hired in November 2000 to bring vision, focused effectiveness and change to the struggling organization. The health system is now a focused, […]

Peter Fine: Healthcare in a Disruptive Environment

Banner Health, even in a difficult environment, has come a long way since 2000. President and CEO Peter Fine predicts the organization will experience even more significant challenges in healthcare’s current quickly changing environment. “Obviously, there are major, major changes occurring in this world of healthcare… disruptive changes,” Fine says, “I think the next few years are going […]

Peter Fine on Leadership

Back in the year 2000 Banner’s new leader laid out his plan for the organization’s future, with no attempts to sugarcoat it. “Some people didn’t like it, and some people thought it was like, ‘wow—leadership!’” Fine admits that his strategy was risky, “I took my shots, and I took some risks of whether I was going to get […]