Tony Bohn: Resources and Advice for Leaders

In many of the interviews conducted for America’s Healthcare Leaders, we are able to discuss valuable resources for other healthcare  leaders. In today’s featured segments, Tony Bohn discusses the resources he recommends for leaders across America. Many of these resources transcend healthcare into other industries.

In the interview Bohn brings up a variety of resources and leadership tools, including:

  • The Healthcare Advisory Board – According to their website: “We forge and find the best new ideas and proven practices from across our vast network of leaders. Then we customize and hardwire them into every level of your organization, creating enduring value.
  • Different leadership assessments and tools such as the Hogan Assessment and DDI. Each of these offer vast resources to determine leadership potential and make better decisions for your organization.
  • The books Good to Great by Jim Collins and People Aren’t Widgets by Lucy Windsor.

To learn more about each of these resources, click the links above (not affiliate links).

In the second segment Bohn gives some advice for healthcare CEOs on a particular organizational strategy:

“It’s really about taking that approach to population health, looking at the major drivers of health in our communities and where there are gaps, and aligning your business to those gaps while engaging your own organization and competitors and others that provide care across the state, to be getting the best possible outcomes.”

To learn more from Tony Bohn, click on the videos below.