14 Tips for a Well-Crafted Résumé

Executive recruiter and career transition coach John Self has interviewed hundreds of senior-level job seekers over the years, reviewing their résumés, offering tips, and helping them find and land the right position. Having sat across the desk from hundreds of interviewees, their résumé in his hand, Mr. Self has developed a keen eye for the attributes of an effective résumé.

Crafting a Résumé

In the first video segment featured today, Mr. Self notes that many job candidates depend too much on what they’ll be able to convey in an interview and don’t put enough attention into their résumé.

“Candidates make a huge mistake when they assume that the employer is going to connect all the dots… The résumé is your first interview, and it’s an interview where you don’t really have an active voice at the table. So if your résumé doesn’t address the [employer’s] needs, you’re probably going to lose.”

He goes on to say, “If you don’t know how to construct your résumé, you might as well just go by the [employer’s] building and throw it out the window for all the good it’ll do you!” He then follows this with 7 excellent tips for constructing an effective résumé.

In the second segment we’re featuring today, Mr. Self points job seekers to the very helpful resource page on his firm’s website, and also imparts 7 more great tips for crafting your résumé.

To watch these video segments, click below!