Be An Inspirational Leader: A Call to Action

Today we are concluding our look at the interview with America’s Healthcare Leaders founder & CEO Dan Nielsen regarding his latest book, Be An Inspirational Leader: Engage, Inspire, Empower. In these last three selected segments from the interview, Nielsen shares some ways leaders can take action to become better, more effective inspirational leaders.

In the first segment, Nielsen emphasizes the critical importance of taking action, stating, “You can read every book in the world, you can go to every seminar, you can go to every conference, you can be a genius intellectually; if you don’t apply it, it’s worthless.”

In the next segment Nielsen shares a few ways people can take action to become better inspirational leaders by changing their habits, such as becoming more approachable and teachable by developing the habit of asking insightful questions.

In the final segment, Nielsen is asked to describe his keynotes and workshops on the topic of inspirational leadership. To learn more about that, visit the Speaking page. To watch these three segments from the interview, click below. To see ALL segments from this interview, click here.