What it Means to Be an Inspirational Leader

Today we are pleased to continue featuring a few selected segments from an interview with author, speaker, and AHL founder & CEO Dan Nielsen. Today Nielsen shares some context for the term “inspirational leader,” explaining what he believes it means to be an inspirational leader and why it is so important.

In the first segment Nielsen acknowledges the connotation of the word inspirational, noting, “A lot of people equate inspirational with religion or church and that kind of thing, and that’s fine and it should be inspirational, but inspirational is so much more than that.” He goes on to explain,

“When I think of inspirational, I think of people who are not in it for themselves—although we all want to do well—but they are far more focused on other people; they are focused on growing people.”

In the next segment, Nielsen continues defining inspirational leadership by addressing several common misconceptions about what constitutes an inspirational leader, including such unecessary attributes as “celebrity status” or having a “rags-to-riches story.”

In the last segment, Nielsen briefly shares how he hopes his book, Be An Inspirational Leader, will be used by individuals and teams around the world who want to improve their leadership and impact.

To watch these 3 segments, click below. To learn more about Nielsen’s recently released book, visit the book website or click here to view on Amazon.