Featured Leader: Nate Kaufman

Strategic Healthcare Advisor

Today we are pleased to begin featuring a recent interview with Nate Kaufman, Managing Director of Kaufman Strategic Advisors.

Kaufman has decades of experience in healthcare leadership and is highly regarded throughout the industry as a knowledgable and highly-successful advisor and keynote speaker. His company’s credo is: “Improving Healthcare Delivery by Enhancing the Strategic/Financial Performance of Providers.” Kaufman excells at doing just that.

In today’s segment America’s Healthcare Leaders founder and CEO Dan Nielsen asks Kaufman to give us a “quick journey” of how he got to where he is today. Kaufman responds with a succinct summary of his background in healthcare, and also shares a brief “elevator pitch” describing what he does now as a strategic healthcare advisor:

“I provide strategic and transactional advice to healthcare providers—primarily health systems, but also physicians.”

To watch this 2-minute introductory segment, please click below.