Why Leaders Should Seek and Leverage Potential at All Levels

Today we conclude the excellent interview with Carlos Arce. While Arce has moved on to work as Company Leader, Customer Experience at Elation, he spent many years serving as the Chief Learning Officer at Billings Clinic. His experience working at Billings Clinic has given him some unique insights into the world of healthcare, and in a discussion with AHL founder & CEO Dan Nielsen, Arce offers wonderful advice for healthcare leaders.


Arce begins by discussing healthcare:

“Healthcare is such an absolutely fundamental component of all our lives. Leaders need to be continually using the resources they have at their disposal.”

Arce continues on to discuss the many different opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and the freedom to interact and share information. With so many different individuals and in such a large field, the opportunities are endless.

Arce reinforces the need to be willing to be open to wherever the ideas come from. Forget about hierarchy and where they are in the organizational chart. A good idea can come from anywhere in the organization!

To watch this video, click below.