Chuck Lauer: World-Class Mentor

Part 3

In today’s video, Dan Nielsen, Founder and CEO of America’s Healthcare Leaders, continues sharing great tributes to the late Chuck Lauer.

As we mentioned in our first video tribute to Chuck Lauer, Becker’s Healthcare invited their readers to share their tributes to Chuck Lauer and his life well lived. In these tributes people shared words that describe and demonstrate attributes and characteristics that Lauer lived out and from which we can all learn.

Today’s video focuses on words such as decent, credible, warmth, charm, respect and love.  In fact, one contributor says Chuck Lauer is a singular “Mount Rushmore.” Wow!

Nielsen encourages everyone to seriously reflect on the life and legacy of Chuck Lauer and take action as to how YOU can improve yourself in different areas of your own life. He also encourages readers to share these tributes with their team so they can do the same. We can all learn from Chuck Lauer.

To read all of the tributes on the Becker’s Hospital Review website, click here.

To watch today’s video, click below.