Jim Wetrich’s Genuine Commitment to Lifelong Learning

This segment with Jim Wetrich focuses on Jim’s genuine commitment to learning and what he did that so many don’t do.

In today’s video Dan Nielsen, Founder and CEO of America’s Healthcare Leaders, asks Jim Wetrich some very direct questions regarding ongoing learning. Nielsen talks about how well informed Wetrich is and that he is an avid reader. He goes on to say that 20 years after Wetrich received his first Master’s degree he returned to school and received his second Master’s degree.

Wetrich shares that the main reason he returned to college was that he was concerned that his skills and tools were dated and he believed the way to correct that was to go back to school. In the video, Wetrich discusses the 4 basic stages of life:

  • You’re born
  • You grow
  • You mature
  • You decline

Wetrich wanted to strengthen his maturity stage in the life cycle. To hear more about his journey and what made the real difference for him, click on the video below.