Mark Solazzo on Getting to Where He Is Now

In today’s featured segments, Mark Solazzo, EVP & COO at Northwell Health, discusses how he first started in Healthcare Administration and a few of the things he has done in his career to prepare for a senior leadership role.

In the first segment, Solazzo briefly discusses how his initial plan was to attend med school after receiving his Bachelors in Biology. He soon figured out med school was not where his passion was, and decided to go for his Masters in Health Systems Management instead.

While working in New York State on health policy issues Solazzo met Michael Dowling, who would become a valuable mentor and influencer to where he would eventually end up—working alongside Dowling at Northwell Health.

In the second featured segment, Solazzo notes that you typically don’t just wake up one day and decide you are ready for this type of role:

“You build your career through experiences—you build the character and the qualities you need to be able to take on something like this.”

His final words of advice:

“Don’t overthink it—get in there and start doing it and you’ll figure it out.”

To watch these two great segments, click below.