Featured Leader: Ben McKibbens

Ben McKibbens served as the president and CEO of the Valley Baptist Health System in Harlingen, Texas for 25 years! The average tenure of hospital CEOs is less than 5 years. After 25 remarkable years at the helm of this South Texas health system, McKibbens has learned a thing or two about healthcare leadership. An alumnus […]

Insights & Wisdom from Ben McKibbens

During Ben McKibbens’ 25-year tenure at Valley Baptist Health System, the organization experienced unprecedented growth. Though McKibbens is now retired, timeless insights and wisdom for current and future healthcare leaders can still be learned from this highly successful senior healthcare leader. When asked what insights and suggestions he would offer to current and future healthcare […]

Healthcare Leadership: Essential Values & Strategies

When asked what values and strategies he considered most essential to healthcare organizations and healthcare leadership, Ben McKibbens, who served as the president and CEO of the Valley Baptist Health System for 25 years, offered some great perspectives: “The first thing that came to my mind was to make sure the mission statement of the organization […]

Ben McKibbens Reflects on His Time at Valley Baptist

Twenty-five years is a long time to serve in one position at one organization. Twenty-five years as president and CEO of a healthcare provider is even more impressive. For Ben McKibbens, that organization was Valley Baptist Medical Center and Health System in southern Texas. During a 2012 interview, this long-tenured senior healthcare leader reflected on […]