Dan Ford on Patient Safety: If the Cubs Can Win, So Can We!

In today’s featured video, patient safety advocate Dan Ford shares one more “ah ha” moment as Dan Nielsen, Founder and CEO of America’s Healthcare Leaders, thanks him for sharing his passion with us in this interview, which has been featured over the past several weeks. Dan Nielsen begins this segment by giving his sincere thanks […]

Dan Ford: Lessons Learned from Medical Errors and Personal Tragedy

In today’s featured segments, patient safety advocate Dan Ford talks about the lessons he’s learned from his experience with medical errors that resulted in personal tragedy. In the first segment AHL founder and CEO Dan Nielsen praises Ford’s commitment to turn his experience with tragic medical errors into positive change in the healthcare industry. Ford credits the […]

Dan Ford: Advice for Healthcare Leaders

In today’s video, patient safety advocate Dan Ford shares some advice with healthcare leaders when facing difficult times. In this video Ford shares some advice for healthcare leaders, including: How can we provide quality care if we don’t have a base for safe care? Patients should be at the center of everything done at their healthcare organization. We […]

Dan Ford on Values & How Patients Should be Treated

In today’s videos, patient safety advocate Dan Ford shares how he and his family were treated through their medical tragedy versus how he wished they had been treated. He also talks about his values and foundation of faith, and shares some things we could all learn through his family’s ordeal. In the first video Ford shares how […]

Dan Ford: A Patient Advocacy Journey

In today’s videos, Dan Ford shares more specifics about how he became a patient safety advocate and the hot buttons he believes everyone should know and be aware of if a safety issue arises. In the first video Ford discusses how this was a “do it yourself journey” planting seeds for constructive change. That effort […]