A Career to Love: 3 Healthcare Leaders Reflect on Their Careers

If you could have any position in the world, what would it be? How many of you are content in your current position? In today’s segments, three healthcare leaders answer this question and briefly reflect on their careers thus far. In the first segment, hospital president Traci Bernard reflects on her work experiences, both positive […]

Leaders Are People Too: A Look at the Lighter Side of 2 Leaders

While many senior leaders deal with demanding work schedules, they also try to attain healthy work-life balance. In today’s segments, we hear from Geoff Brenner and Marc Reynolds on what they enjoy doing outside of their careers. In the first segment Geoff Brenner, president of TPC, talks about the importance his family plays in his life and […]

The Importance of Unique Differences

In AHL founder Dan Nielsen’s newly released book, Be An Inspirational Leader: Engage, Inspire, Empower, the importance of your team and each team member’s unique differences are discussed often. Every person has a unique personality and particular strengths and weaknesses. This often means a diverse team is a well-rounded team able to accomplish goals more effectively. Today we […]

America’s Healthcare Leaders founder & CEO Dan Nielsen sits down with Marc Reynolds, SVP of Payer Relations at Scripps Health, for an in-depth, one-on-one interview [conducted and filmed in May 2015]. 

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A Little More About Marc Reynolds

Today’s segments will conclude the interview with Marc Reynolds, SVP of Payer Relations, Scripps Health.  While work-life balance can often be hard to achieve, Marc seems to have succeeded. What position would you choose if you could have any position in the world? For Marc Reynolds, the answer is the one he has. “I think […]

Balancing Short-term and Long-term Thinking, and Learning from Outside Perspectives

To start off today’s featured interview segments with Marc Reynolds, AHL founder & CEO Dan Nielsen asks if there are any specific things leaders should focus on as they pursue their careers and advance within their organizations. The key to everything is balance.  Too often we get caught up in the short-term and forget the long-term focus.  Marc […]

Marc Reynolds on His Team and How He Interviews Prospective Team Members

In today’s featured segment, Marc Reynolds, SVP of Payer Relations at Scripps Health, discusses a few interview tactics as well as some of his team’s most significant accomplishments. Finding the right people for any organization can be difficult, but Marc Reynolds has developed a few questions to help make sure he finds the right fit for the company, […]

Unique Qualities of Scripps Health’s Executive Leadership

Marc Reynolds, SVP of Payer Relations at Scripps Health, takes the opportunity to describe the unique leadership of Scripps Health.  Marc talks about a few individuals who set the “leadership bar” high. In this segment, Marc gets the chance to discuss his fellow co-worker and boss, Richard Rothberger, CEVP and CFO Scripps Health. “He’s a […]

Marc Reynolds: Leadership Habits and Advice

In today’s featured segment, Marc Reynolds, SVP of Payer Relations at Scripps Health, talks about the different leadership habits he believes lead to success and gives advice to aspiring leaders. Marc Reynolds takes time to discuss three specific things that have the power to ensure you are successful in any field: Maintain your Personal Credibility. Consistently Produce […]

Marc Reynolds on the Future of Healthcare

In today’s featured segment, Marc Reynolds, SVP of Payer Relations at Scripps Health, discusses how he views the future of healthcare and the challenges and possible opportunities presented by it. Marc Reynolds begins by describing himself as “bullish” on healthcare and discusses  his thoughts on where he believes healthcare is headed. “I think we have a nation that […]

Marc Reynolds on the Challenges of His Work

In today’s featured segment, Marc Reynolds who is the President of the Health Plan at Scripps Health explains the different challenges facing organizations who have a provider sponsored plan. In the first segment, Reynolds discusses the balancing act of satisfying both the client and the parent organization. “I think that the challenge is trying to […]