Diane Watts: Background and Career Journey

In today’s video Dan Nielsen, Founder and CEO of America’s Healthcare Leaders asks Diane Watts, CEO of Watts Professional Development how she continued to pursue her ability to verbally communicate to where she is today. As Watts mentally thought through her response to this question she quickly stated first it would be education because that’s […]

14 Tips for a Well-Crafted Résumé

Executive recruiter and career transition coach John Self has interviewed hundreds of senior-level job seekers over the years, reviewing their résumés, offering tips, and helping them find and land the right position. Having sat across the desk from hundreds of interviewees, their résumé in his hand, Mr. Self has developed a keen eye for the attributes […]

Critical Tips for a Healthcare Job Interview

This week we’re featuring selected segments from an interview with executive search consultant John G. Self. Mr. Self has decades of experience from which he draws to offer sage advice to healthcare leaders seeking new opportunities and positions within the industry. To start off today’s segments, Mr. Self offers and expands on 4 great pieces of […]

A Career to Love: 3 Healthcare Leaders Reflect on Their Careers

If you could have any position in the world, what would it be? How many of you are content in your current position? In today’s segments, three healthcare leaders answer this question and briefly reflect on their careers thus far. In the first segment, hospital president Traci Bernard reflects on her work experiences, both positive […]

Leadership Advice from 2 Successful Healthcare Executives

In today’s segments, two leaders from different organizations give valuable advice to aspiring healthcare leaders. Mentorship is a valuable tool, and we encourage you to heed the advice of these two successful leaders! In the first segment featured today, Mary Ellen Doyle, Corporate VP of Nursing Operations at Scripps Health, shares and expounds on 6 simple but powerful pieces […]

Be An Inspirational Leader

Inspirational leadership truly influences the people it touches—without coercion or false pretenses. AHL founder and CEO Dan Nielsen writes about this in his newly released book, Be An Inspirational Leader: Engage, Inspire, Empower. As he explains in the book, inspirational leadership is the most effective way to lead any organization. Today we look at two interview segments that touch on what […]

Mark Solazzo on Work-Life Balance and 3 Habits for Success

This week we return to the interview with Mark Solazzo, EVP & COO of Northwell Health. In today’s featured segments, Solazzo offers advice in two different areas: work-life balance and habits for success. Many of our featured leaders have touched on these important topics, and we encourage you to heed the wisdom of these successful leaders. Like many leaders […]

Healthcare Leaders on Habits for Success

We are all slaves to our habits. Our habits determine where we spend our time and ultimately determine our ability to achieve our goals. In today’s interview segments, healthcare leaders Mary Ellen Doyle & Geoff Brenner discuss the habits they find most critical to their success. The first segment features Mary Ellen Doyle, Corporate Vice President […]

Healthcare Leaders on Passion for Your Job

While passion for what you do isn’t necessary, it does make it easier. In today’s video segments two leaders give advice on how passion for what you do makes everything so much easier. Passion can help drive you and make your workload seem easier because you truly love what you do.   In the first […]

Mark Solazzo: 5 Pieces of Wisdom for Aspiring Leaders

Never pass up the opportunity to learn from those around you. America’s Healthcare Leaders is a platform designed for people to learn from each other, sharing insights from the best in the field. In today’s segment, Northwell Health’s Mark Solazzo offers 5 pieces of wisdom for aspiring leaders. Dan Nielsen and Mark Solazzo discuss the opportunities […]

Proactively Build Your Network

The job market has expanded and with this expansion comes the need for increased networking across both your own industry and others. Your network, whether it be a rolodex sitting on your desk, a filo-fax full of numbers or an array of Linkedin connections can help you when seeking new opportunities or just trying to […]

What Legacy Will You Leave?

It’s not a question we often think about, but in order to accomplish what you want, you must know what you are striving toward. What habits do you have, and are these habits leading you to the desired results? Your legacy is determined by the actions you put into place each day. Many leaders featured on […]

Joel Allison on Mentors and Leadership Virtues

We conclude this week with two more segments from America’s Healthcare Leader Joel Allison. If you have missed any of the previous segments from Joel Allison, we encourage you to go view them as they contain wonderful insight and advice for anybody in healthcare. In today’s segments, Allison reinforces the importance of mentors and leadership virtues. […]

Healthcare Leaders: Establish Clear Roles


Healthcare Leadership by Dan Nielsen
November 17, 2016

Leaders are only as effective as the team they have gathered and empowered to work alongside them. I am constantly reminded of my own team and the valuable part each one of them plays in keeping our many projects going! In a recent interview with Mark Dixon, he discusses the importance of establishing clear roles. Mark Dixon described it this way in a recent interview on America’s Healthcare leaders: “Success equals clarity on authority, responsibility, and accountability.”

Click here to read the full Healthcare Leadership article featured on the Journal of Healthcare Contracting blog.

Joel Allison on Habits and Work-Life Balance

In many of the interviews we’ve featured, we’ve discussed habits and life balance and how these healthcare executives are able to juggle everything thrown at them. Today, we get to hear Joel Allison’s perspective on this topic. Allison has had a remarkable career and will soon be retiring from his CEO position at Baylor Scott & White […]