Mark Solazzo on Getting to Where He Is Now

In today’s featured segments, Mark Solazzo, EVP & COO at Northwell Health, discusses how he first started in Healthcare Administration and a few of the things he has done in his career to prepare for a senior leadership role. In the first segment, Solazzo briefly discusses how his initial plan was to attend med school […]

Northwell Health’s Commitment to Leader Development

Today we conclude the interview with Mark Solazzo, EVP and COO of Northwell Health. If you have missed any of the segments from this excellent interview, click here. In today’s featured segments Solazzo focuses on leadership development and Nothwell Health’s contribution to this critical area. AHL founder & CEO Dan Nielsen begins the first segment […]

Mark Solazzo: 4 Specific Areas of Focus and Responsibility

Every organization has vision, which requires focus in order to achieve. The focused pursuit of vision is what truly sets apart a successful organization from another. In today’s featured segment, Mark Solazzo, EVP & COO of Northwell Health, discusses his focused pursuit of Northwell’s vision and mission. According to the bio referenced in this clip, Mark Solazzo […]

Mark Solazzo on Work-Life Balance and 3 Habits for Success

This week we return to the interview with Mark Solazzo, EVP & COO of Northwell Health. In today’s featured segments, Solazzo offers advice in two different areas: work-life balance and habits for success. Many of our featured leaders have touched on these important topics, and we encourage you to heed the wisdom of these successful leaders. Like many leaders […]

Mark Solazzo: 5 Pieces of Wisdom for Aspiring Leaders

Never pass up the opportunity to learn from those around you. America’s Healthcare Leaders is a platform designed for people to learn from each other, sharing insights from the best in the field. In today’s segment, Northwell Health’s Mark Solazzo offers 5 pieces of wisdom for aspiring leaders. Dan Nielsen and Mark Solazzo discuss the opportunities […]

Mark Solazzo on Working at Northwell Health

Mark Solazzo has been with Northwell Health since 1995. Over this time he has been able to work within the leadership team to help set the organization up for success. In today’s segments, Solazzo discusses what he is most proud of at Northwell Health and the three things he enjoys most about his current role as […]

Mark Solazzo on the Traits of Successful Leaders

No matter who you are, you are influenced by those around you, and intentionally choosing who your mentors are will help you as you develop as a leader. In today’s featured segments, Mark Solazzo, EVP & COO at Northwell Health, gets the opportunity to discuss working under Nothwell’s CEO Michael Dowling, and also to talk about a few […]

Featured Leader: Mark Solazzo, EVP & COO, Northwell Health

America’s Healthcare Leaders would like to start off the new year by introducing our next featured leader: Mark J. Solazzo, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of New York’s Northwell Health. In this first segment from the interview, Solazzo describes Northwell and his responsibility to make sure it continues to run smoothly as an […]