A Career to Love: 3 Healthcare Leaders Reflect on Their Careers

If you could have any position in the world, what would it be? How many of you are content in your current position? In today’s segments, three healthcare leaders answer this question and briefly reflect on their careers thus far. In the first segment, hospital president Traci Bernard reflects on her work experiences, both positive […]

Leaders Are People Too: A Look at the Lighter Side of 2 Leaders

While many senior leaders deal with demanding work schedules, they also try to attain healthy work-life balance. In today’s segments, we hear from Geoff Brenner and Marc Reynolds on what they enjoy doing outside of their careers. In the first segment Geoff Brenner, president of TPC, talks about the importance his family plays in his life and […]

Leadership Advice from 2 Successful Healthcare Executives

In today’s segments, two leaders from different organizations give valuable advice to aspiring healthcare leaders. Mentorship is a valuable tool, and we encourage you to heed the advice of these two successful leaders! In the first segment featured today, Mary Ellen Doyle, Corporate VP of Nursing Operations at Scripps Health, shares and expounds on 6 simple but powerful pieces […]

Scripps Health’s Mary Ellen Doyle on the Importance of Benchmarking

Today we revisit the interview with Mary Ellen Doyle, Corporate Vice President of Nursing Operations at Scripps Health in San Diego, California. The featured segment begins with AHL founder & CEO Dan Nielsen highlighting the danger of being too insular within the healthcare sector and neglecting to learn from other industries and fields. Doyle echos those observations, and notes that early […]

Leadership Strengths at Scripps Health and Norton Healthcare

Effective leadership is such a great benefit to any organization. While great leadership doesn’t necessarily guarantee success, the correlation between the two is present more often than not. In today’s featured segments, two healthcare executives discuss the leadership within their organization, as well as the results of this leadership. In the first segment, Dan Nielsen […]

The Importance of Unique Differences

In AHL founder Dan Nielsen’s newly released book, Be An Inspirational Leader: Engage, Inspire, Empower, the importance of your team and each team member’s unique differences are discussed often. Every person has a unique personality and particular strengths and weaknesses. This often means a diverse team is a well-rounded team able to accomplish goals more effectively. Today we […]

Healthcare Leaders on Habits for Success

We are all slaves to our habits. Our habits determine where we spend our time and ultimately determine our ability to achieve our goals. In today’s interview segments, healthcare leaders Mary Ellen Doyle & Geoff Brenner discuss the habits they find most critical to their success. The first segment features Mary Ellen Doyle, Corporate Vice President […]

The Importance of a Solid Foundation

Great leaders understand the importance of having a solid foundation and how this daily influences their ability to lead well and truly impact those around them. In today’s segments we hear from two leaders on this subject: Mary Ellen Doyle, Corporate VP of Nursing Operations at Scripps Health, and Geoff Brenner, president and CEO of TPC.   […]

Two Healthcare Leaders on Healthcare Today

In today’s segments, we see two leaders’ perspectives on healthcare. Healthcare has witnessed a drastic amount of change in the last few years, and many leaders are being faced with different challenges as they embrace these changes and do what is best for their organizations. In the first segment, Traci Bernard, president of Texas Health Harris […]

Attributes of a Servant Leader

Servant leadership has been discussed quite a bit in recent years, but what does it really mean to be a servant leader? Is servant leadership an effective leadership style, and how does being a servant leader impact your team? In today’s segments, Geoff Brenner and Mary Ellen Doyle discuss attributes of this leadership style and how […]

2 Book Recommendations for Leadership Excellence

Looking for a unique gift for a fellow colleague this holiday season? Today we revisit two segments featuring two wonderful leadership books. Each of these books comes highly recommended and is a valuable asset for any leader to have in their possession. In the first segment, Chris Van Gorder, president and CEO of Scripps Health and […]

Chris Van Gorder on 3 major themes of front-line leadership

In today’s video segment, Chris Van Gorder talks about the 3 major themes of what he calls front-line leadership—the focus of his book, The Front-Line Leader: Building a High-Performance Organization from the Ground Up. Chris Van Gorder, president and CEO of Scripps health discusses the following three themes featured in his book. Get out of the office – “I’ve […]

Chris Van Gorder & Mike Williams: Tips for Career Advancement

Today’s segments feature clips from the exclusive interviews with Chris Van Gorder, president & CEO of Scripps Health in San Diego, CA, and Mike Williams, president & CEO of Community Hospital Corporation in Plano, TX. In both of these interviews, each of these leaders give a few tips for career advancement. In the first segment, Chris Van […]

Company Values and Their Impact on Hiring

During each interview we have had the pleasure of conducting and featuring on AHL, the topic of company values comes up a lot—especially in terms of the impact they have on hiring. When the values are inconsistent between the company and the employee other issues arise, and both the company and the employee suffer. The segments featured […]

Leadership Advice from 3 Highly Successful Leaders

Whether you are a young aspiring leader or have been in a leadership role for decades, you can always learn from the wisdom and perspectives of highly successful leaders. Today we are featuring some great advice from 3 such leaders: Chris Van Gorder, Mike Williams, and Traci Bernard. In the first segment, Chris Van Gorder, […]