An Author Recommendation From Dan Nielsen

In today’s video Dan Nielsen, Founder and CEO of America’s Healthcare Leaders, shares information about his all-time favorite author, Og Mandino.   In a previous video, Nielsen mentioned that Og Mandino has sold over 50 million copies of his books. Nielsen states that Og Mandino’s books are some of the most strategic you could ever read. […]

A Book Recommendation From Dan Nielsen

In today’s featured video Dan Nielsen, Founder and CEO of America’s Healthcare Leaders, recommends his all-time favorite book, The Greatest Success in the World by Og Mandino.   Og Mandino has sold over 50 million copies of his books, which puts him in the 98-99% of authors in terms of overall sales. Nielsen shares what Og Mandino’s […]

Dan Nielsen: Top 10 Reasons I Like the Becker’s Hospital Review Conference

In today’s featured videos, Dan Nielsen, Founder and CEO of America’s Healthcare Leaders, shares his personal perspective of the top 10 reasons he likes the Becker’s Hospital Review annual conference. In the first video Nielsen shares the top 10 reasons he likes the Becker’s healthcare conferences, which includes: Relevancy of topics Diversity of topics World-class speakers […]

Be An Inspirational Leader: A Call to Action

Today we are concluding our look at the interview with America’s Healthcare Leaders founder & CEO Dan Nielsen regarding his latest book, Be An Inspirational Leader: Engage, Inspire, Empower. In these last three selected segments from the interview, Nielsen shares some ways leaders can take action to become better, more effective inspirational leaders. In the […]

An Interview with Dan Nielsen

Today we are pleased to feature selected segments from an interview with America’s Healthcare Leaders founder and CEO, Dan Nielsen. Nielsen is usually the one conducting the interviews we feature on AHL, but this time he’s the one in the hot seat! We welcome instead to the interviewer’s chair guest Emily Sirkel, Nielsen’s coauthor and […]

2 Book Recommendations for Leadership Excellence

Looking for a unique gift for a fellow colleague this holiday season? Today we revisit two segments featuring two wonderful leadership books. Each of these books comes highly recommended and is a valuable asset for any leader to have in their possession. In the first segment, Chris Van Gorder, president and CEO of Scripps Health and […]

Chris Van Gorder on 3 major themes of front-line leadership

In today’s video segment, Chris Van Gorder talks about the 3 major themes of what he calls front-line leadership—the focus of his book, The Front-Line Leader: Building a High-Performance Organization from the Ground Up. Chris Van Gorder, president and CEO of Scripps health discusses the following three themes featured in his book. Get out of the office – “I’ve […]

Advice for Aspiring Leaders from a Former Hospital CEO


Healthcare Leadership by Dan Nielsen
August 4, 2016

A couple weeks ago I was interviewed as a guest for John Self’s blog and podcast, Self Perspective. During the interview John asked me what advice I would share with a young “up and comer” working his or her way toward becoming a hospital CEO. It was a refreshing change to be on the other side of the interview.  I responded with 4 main points:

  1. Integrity first!

Be yourself and constantly strive to be the very best that you can be.

Focus on serving others.

Identify your core 5 to 7 strengths.

Click here to read the full Healthcare Leadership article featured on the Journal of Healthcare Contracting blog.

Tony Bohn: Resources and Advice for Leaders

In many of the interviews conducted for America’s Healthcare Leaders, we are able to discuss valuable resources for other healthcare  leaders. In today’s featured segments, Tony Bohn discusses the resources he recommends for leaders across America. Many of these resources transcend healthcare into other industries. In the interview Bohn brings up a variety of resources […]

Bruce Brandes on Habits, Values, and Leadership

Our habits and values often define us. Luckily, we have the opportunity to choose what these habits and values will be. In today’s featured segments, Bruce Brandes, founder and CEO of Lucro, discusses his habits and values, and gives his opinion on the ultimate leadership tool.  The “Golden Rule” – Treat others as you would […]

VIDEO: October Resource Recommendation from AHL founder Dan Nielsen

In this month’s resource recommendation video, AHL founder and CEO Dan Nielsen describes and recommends an excellent episode from the Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast. This episode features a fascinating conversation with a highly successful leader we all can learn from—regardless of industry, organization, or position. Click to watch.

September Recommended Resource

The first official Recommended Resource video from AHL founder and CEO Dan Nielsen will be released at the end of October. Meanwhile, we’d like to invite you to check out one of Dan’s other websites, There you will find leadership articles, inspirational quotes, and hundreds of tips for achieving greater success.