Leaders: Celebrate Your Team’s Achievements

In today’s segments, two healthcare executives discuss the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the successes of your team.  Truly great leaders understand the importance of teamwork and understand the benefits of an effective team for your organization. Geoff Brenner, president and CEO of TPC, and Tony Bohn, Chief HR Officer at Norton Healthcare, each take time […]

Leadership Strengths at Scripps Health and Norton Healthcare

Effective leadership is such a great benefit to any organization. While great leadership doesn’t necessarily guarantee success, the correlation between the two is present more often than not. In today’s featured segments, two healthcare executives discuss the leadership within their organization, as well as the results of this leadership. In the first segment, Dan Nielsen […]

Healthcare Leaders on Passion for Your Job

While passion for what you do isn’t necessary, it does make it easier. In today’s video segments two leaders give advice on how passion for what you do makes everything so much easier. Passion can help drive you and make your workload seem easier because you truly love what you do.   In the first […]

Healthcare Highlight – Chief Learning Officer

There are many essential roles to be filled in any healthcare organization. Today’s healthcare highlight will be on the position of Chief Learning Officer (CLO). We have been privileged to interview and feature a few leaders in this position, and have enjoyed their descriptions of their jobs and the roles they fill in their organizations.  Today’s featured segments […]

Bruce Brandes & Tony Bohn on Mentors

In many of the interviews we have conducted with senior healthcare leaders across America, the impact and influence of mentors has been brought up and discussed. In today’s featured segments, Bruce Brandes, founder and CEO of Lucro, and Tony Bohn, Chief HR Officer at Norton Healthcare, discuss this valuable topic. In the first segment, Brandes discusses how […]

Tony Bohn on the Greatest Experience of His Career

Today concludes our interview segments featuring Tony Bohn, Chief HR Officer at Norton Healthcare. Throughout the interview Bohn shared insights on a variety of topics, including mentorship, changes to healthcare, and leadership. In today’s segment, Bohn reflects on the greatest experience of his career.  He begins by discussing his decision to join Norton Healthcare: “I took a real […]

Tony Bohn on His Impact at Norton Healthcare

In today’s featured segment Tony Bohn, Chief Human Resources Officer, reflects on his time spent at Norton Healthcare. Dan Nielsen, AHL founder and CEO, begins by asking, “How has your vision and leadership made a significant difference or changed your life for the better?” Bohn takes a moment to reflect on when he chose to initially […]

Advice for Mentors

This week, we are proud to continue featuring segments from our interview with Tony Bohn, Chief Human Resources Officer at Norton Healthcare in Louisville, Kentucky. Since the America’s Healthcare Leaders platform is primarily focused on mentorship and helping leaders achieve greater success, it is only fitting that Bohn share some advice for mentors. Bohn offers two […]

Tony Bohn on the Transitioning Payment Model

Today we continue featuring segments from the AHL exclusive interview with Tony Bohn, System Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Norton Healthcare in Louisville, Kentucky. In many of the previous interview segments with Tony Bohn, he has passionately discussed the need to focus on population wellness instead of treatment. This transition would require change in […]

Tony Bohn: Resources and Advice for Leaders

In many of the interviews conducted for America’s Healthcare Leaders, we are able to discuss valuable resources for other healthcare  leaders. In today’s featured segments, Tony Bohn discusses the resources he recommends for leaders across America. Many of these resources transcend healthcare into other industries. In the interview Bohn brings up a variety of resources […]

Tony Bohn on the Importance of Wellness and Population Health

This week we continue interview segments featuring Tony Bohn, System Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Norton Healthcare in Louisville, Kentucky. In today’s segments, Bohn and AHL founder & CEO Dan Nielsen discuss a very popular issue in healthcare today: the importance of population wellness. Dan Nielsen begins by asking what is one thing […]

Tony Bohn on Norton Healthcare’s 3 Cs

In today’s featured segments Tony Bohn discusses Norton Healthcare’s 3 Cs: Collaborate, Communicate, and Connect. This organizational strategy is highly applicable to all healthcare organizations. Bohn discusses the different strategies for Norton Healthcare and what they hope to achieve by using these 3 Cs: “Looking at those [3 Cs], how do we lead in that […]

Tony Bohn on the Future and His #1 Priority at Norton

This week we will be continuing to feature segments from Tony Bohn, System Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer for Norton Healthcare.  His experiences within healthcare have given Bohn the chance to focus in on how it’s been done and what he hopes to see in the future. Dan Nielsen, founder and CEO of America’s […]

Featured Leader: Tony Bohn, Chief HR Officer at Norton Healthcare

This week we will begin to feature segments from the interview with Tony Bohn, System Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer for Norton Healthcare in Louisville, KY. Norton Healthcare is the area’s leading hospital and healthcare system and third largest private employer. In the first segment, Bohn discusses his background in healthcare and his main focus […]

America’s Healthcare Leaders founder & CEO Dan Nielsen sits down with Al Cornish, Chief Learning Officer at Norton Healthcare in Louisville, KY, for an in-depth, one-on-one interview [conducted and filmed in 2016]. 

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