Featured Leader: Diane Watts

In this next series of videos we are pleased to introduce Diane Watts, CEO of Watts Professional Development.  She will be providing insight into the art of communication among many other strategic thoughts related to the art of argument and persuasion. In today’s video segment, Watts will be sharing who she is, where she’s been […]

Jim Wetrich: Keep Striving for Improvement

Today Dan Nielsen, Founder and CEO of America’s Healthcare Leaders asks Jim Wetrich, CEO of The Wetrich Group some intriguing questions about reaching beyond your grasp. In today’s video segment, Wetrich discusses two main points: When you reach, reach beyond your grasp When you go, go as a leader Wetrich says it’s important to always strive […]

The Wetrich Group: Expert Advice, Skilled Execution, Demonstrated Results

In today’s video Jim Wetrich, CEO of The Wetrich Group, shares with Dan Nielsen, Founder and CEO of America’s Healthcare Leaders 3 things that are equally important in business. In this segment Jim Wetrich shares three things that you need to truly succeed in any business: Possess vast experience in service offerings and expertise Perform […]

Jim Wetrich’s Genuine Commitment to Lifelong Learning

This segment with Jim Wetrich focuses on Jim’s genuine commitment to learning and what he did that so many don’t do. In today’s video Dan Nielsen, Founder and CEO of America’s Healthcare Leaders, asks Jim Wetrich some very direct questions regarding ongoing learning. Nielsen talks about how well informed Wetrich is and that he is […]

Mark Solazzo on Getting to Where He Is Now

In today’s featured segments, Mark Solazzo, EVP & COO at Northwell Health, discusses how he first started in Healthcare Administration and a few of the things he has done in his career to prepare for a senior leadership role. In the first segment, Solazzo briefly discusses how his initial plan was to attend med school […]

Dan Nielsen: 4 Reasons to Memorize Great Literature

In today’s video Dan Nielsen, Founder and CEO of America’s Healthcare Leaders, shares 4 reasons it is important to think about, study and memorize great literature. Because Nielsen strongly believes in the theory of WE BECOME WHAT WE THINK ABOUT, he shares the 4 reasons we should memorize great literature. Those reasons include: We become […]

A Book Recommendation From Dan Nielsen

In today’s featured video Dan Nielsen, Founder and CEO of America’s Healthcare Leaders, recommends his all-time favorite book, The Greatest Success in the World by Og Mandino.   Og Mandino has sold over 50 million copies of his books, which puts him in the 98-99% of authors in terms of overall sales. Nielsen shares what Og Mandino’s […]

Dan Nielsen On Mentorship

In today’s featured video Dan Nielsen, Founder and CEO of America’s Healthcare Leaders, talks about the importance of mentors. Nielsen shares a quote from Joel Allison, newly retired CEO of Baylor Scott & White Health, and discusses the importance of: Finding great mentors Being a great mentor He encourages people to choose mentors wisely and to […]

Critical Tips for a Healthcare Job Interview

This week we’re featuring selected segments from an interview with executive search consultant John G. Self. Mr. Self has decades of experience from which he draws to offer sage advice to healthcare leaders seeking new opportunities and positions within the industry. To start off today’s segments, Mr. Self offers and expands on 4 great pieces of […]

What it Means to Be an Inspirational Leader

Today we are pleased to continue featuring a few selected segments from an interview with author, speaker, and AHL founder & CEO Dan Nielsen. Today Nielsen shares some context for the term “inspirational leader,” explaining what he believes it means to be an inspirational leader and why it is so important. In the first segment Nielsen […]

Dan Ford: Lessons Learned from Medical Errors and Personal Tragedy

In today’s featured segments, patient safety advocate Dan Ford talks about the lessons he’s learned from his experience with medical errors that resulted in personal tragedy. In the first segment AHL founder and CEO Dan Nielsen praises Ford’s commitment to turn his experience with tragic medical errors into positive change in the healthcare industry. Ford credits the […]

Leadership Advice from 2 Successful Healthcare Executives

In today’s segments, two leaders from different organizations give valuable advice to aspiring healthcare leaders. Mentorship is a valuable tool, and we encourage you to heed the advice of these two successful leaders! In the first segment featured today, Mary Ellen Doyle, Corporate VP of Nursing Operations at Scripps Health, shares and expounds on 6 simple but powerful pieces […]

3 Resource Recommendations for CLOs

Carlos Arce, former Chief Learning Officer at Billings Clinic, offers three resource recommendations for Chief Learning Officers and anyone seeking to be more successful within their organizations. We have the benefit of access: access to information, knowledge, individuals, and a vast amount of resources. This access can be a valuable tool—but only if used! In the segment […]

Be An Inspirational Leader

Inspirational leadership truly influences the people it touches—without coercion or false pretenses. AHL founder and CEO Dan Nielsen writes about this in his newly released book, Be An Inspirational Leader: Engage, Inspire, Empower. As he explains in the book, inspirational leadership is the most effective way to lead any organization. Today we look at two interview segments that touch on what […]

Geoff Brenner & Eric Barber on Staying Inspired

Inspiration can come from many places. In today’s segments, two leaders discuss what inspires them and keeps them moving forward. Whether it’s your family back home or the mission under which you labor at work, inspiration leads to transformation. In the first segment AHL founder and CEO Dan Nielsen asks, “How do you ‘fill the well?’ How […]